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Well 2013 is looking to be a massive year in the fist camp. Here's what you have to look forward to:

The release of our long-awaiting debut full length album, sometime mid-year. 2 brand spankin new 3D film clips and numerous 2D clips to co-incide. And the big one... a Tri-country tour, taking in Canada, USA & Australia. Keep an Eye out for tour dates later in the year. There'll be 30 shows in these states across each country:




So lock up your mums and hide your scotch cause no matter where you are in the world, in 2013 your going to, undoubtedly, GET FISTED!



Sorry for the long delay between news items, we've been fisting pretty hard lately. To stay more up to date head over and check out our facebook aswell.

Now for an update... It's been a massive year for SFC doing an Aussie tour with The Jet Boys from Japan, the release of our debut record "We're Not Angry, Just Disappointed!", numerous festivals and a whole lot of rockin and rollin with some of Australia's best punk bands.

So now it's almost time to start all over again and because the celebration of our first ever show falls in February, we're hitting the road for another tour. Check our tours page dates and details or keep an eye on the Facebook. We're also going into the studio to record a whole bunch of new songs which will come as a duel release with an 8 track live album which we are currently mastering.

So there's a shit load to look forward to in 2012, not just in Australia but Canada and USA aswell, we'll keep you thinking on that though!

See you at the X-Mas show on Dec 23!


Ok, so due to us printing our CD's way in advance, we have nearly sold out of the first pressing. So, as a treat for the official Melbourne CD launch at Rock Bar on Sept 17, we are repressing the whole damn thing again, with completely different artwork and there will even be a little limited edition surprise to go with it.

To coincide with the CD launch we may also be premiering the film clip for Pirate Song?, which we have been working on over the last few months, if we can find a mobile projector, so you can bask in all it's zombified glory on the big screen.

Also we'd like to announce that our good mates The Runaway Boys will be returning to the stage, on Sept 17, for the first time in almost 4 year, to help us rock the Rock Bar.

CLICK HERE to check out the full line up on the CD Launch Event on Facebook and invite your friends.


Heap of news again sorry, we're bad at this updating thing, I guess that's what happens when you've spent the last month on the road with a bunch of crazy Japanese punks.

With that being said, the tour with The Jet Boys was freakin' amazing. We managed to sell out the Tuxedo Cat in Adelaide, almost get kicked out of Toowoomba for being naked, drove from Melbourne to Brisbane and back, to play 3 shows, in less than 4 days (thanks to TIGER AIRWAYS for cancelling our flights for no reason, arses!) and made a whole bunch of new friends and fans along the way (love ya work Divna). Thanks to everyone in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane who came out and made it crazy! And thanks to the fuckin' JET BOYS, one of the best punk bands in the world by far. You guys are rad!


Our EP is all finished and pressed up, if you were lucky enough to be at a show during the tour you would have had the chance to get your hands on a copy. The Brisbane kids snapped it up pretty quick. We're organising our launch in Melbourne and Sydney as we speak so keep an eye out for the dates very shortly. Oh did I mention it's a lovely shade of PINK!


Had our first look at the footage from the Brunswick for the Sydney Road Street Party, and it looks amazing! (Thank-you Lexi and Julius! And sorry bout all the beer and sweat you got covered in!) Should hopefully have some sections of it up soon. Work on the film clip for "Pirate Song?" is underway still might need a few extra's so contact us if you'd like to be in it ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Keep an eye on the tours page, looks like we're booked solidly May and June and a lot of them are shows outside Melbourne - we'll finally be making it to Brisbane! And the Melbourne shows are all supporting awesome bands - Topnovil (NSW), Jet Boys (JAP), The Pugs (QLD). Plus we've just been booked in to play the Kopy Kat show June 19. Ode to Tom Green? Why I do think so!!!

Apparently we didn't win the NovaFM competition, which we were pretty surprised by, "Sex Puppet" was probably the most appropriate song entered! It's most likely still up if you wanted to go listen and have a giggle. Our reverbnation and unearthed pages are doing pretty well too, hit them up if you want to hear the censored version of "Pirate Song?" Actually, hit em up anyway, review us even! Preferably review us about something completely unrelated to the song! Tell us a squirrel story, or about that time you went to that place and that thing happened...don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.



First up, a massive thank you to all the bands and to everyone who came down to the Barley Corn on Saturday. What an awesome night! I'm not sure if I've ever actually seen anyone crowd surf at the Barley Corn before, but it was a pretty amazing site from the stage.

If you missed out, or if you enjoyed so much you want another fisting, make sure to head down to the Brunswick Sunday March 6. 20 bands and for free and we're on at about 7:30. But just to make it a little more tempting, we'll be filming the gig for our upcoming film clip, so make sure to come down and get your head in the way of the cameras! Hopefully more crowd surfing and what not!

We're still working on the EP, hopefully at least have another song up soon though. And we have heaps more merch to put up, patches, back patches, singlets. Hit us up if you want anything and we'll let you know what we have and send it out. It's selling pretty fast though!



Just had our first listen to the mixed versions of the new songs, and they are sounding awesome! We ended up getting 5 songs recorded in one 11 hour sitting, so we will hopefully have a few more up soon for your listening pleasure (haha, or pain, either way really). Merch is selling really fast, so hit us up if you want anything, we'll try get more pictures of the patches and back patches up soon.

Probably the biggest news at the moment though is that we actually managed to write a song that isn't about drinking or being drunk! Though it does mention a pub...hmm...

First show at the Barley Corn (Feb 26) is looking to be rad! Plus the Sydney Road Street Party at the Brunswick on March 6 is shaping up to be a huge one again! Also booked in to play the annual Fitzroy Band Festival on March 11 at Blue Tile Lounge, more details about that when we have them. Vulva.



Heaps of backdated news sorry! The face book went absolutely spastic as soon as we put it up, so have been flat out with that – 700 friend’s in the first 2 days, fast approaching 1000!

So firstly, we forgot to mention we were played on PBS a few weeks ago, so a massive thank-you to Brad and The Tearaways for playing us and to everyone who heard it and contacted us afterwards. And big thank-you to everyone who has pre-ordered merch, it’ll be sent out as soon as we have it.

The film clip for ‘Pirate Song?’ is on its way, the treatment and casting almost done, though if anyone is interesting in appearing shoot us an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we should be able to chuck you in somewhere.

Biggest news at the moment though, is that we are now confirmed to be supporting crazy Japanese punks The Jet Boys on their Brisbane and Melbourne shows of their Australian tour mid year. Which means we will be playing the second ever Queensland Punk-A-Billy Festival!

We’ve also put our hand up for a big support late April, can’t give away much as to who it is yet, but as soon as we hear, we’ll make sure EVERYONE knows!

We are also headed back in to record on Monday, so hopefully our cd’s will be ready for our first show on Feb 26 (at the Barley Corn…put it in your diary now and don’t forget!) Line up for the night will be fully confirmed tomorrow hopefully, though MasterBeta are no longer playing due to having booked in another show.


First show all booked in! Saturday February 26 at the Barley Corn Hotel, so far with ScrayFish and MasterBeta, will list the other bands when they confirm, so make sure to check back in soon!

Pirate Song?' is uploaded!! Check it out on the Music page thingy. Brunswick hotel show all booked for Sunday March 6th. Playing with DogsDay, The MurderBalls, Bombing Angels, X Rental Trash, The Tearaways and more tba.
Also had a meeting to discuss the possibility of Strawberry Fist Cake playing a show at the Melbourne Show Grounds mid year, is looking very promising (how rad is that!?)

'Pirate Song?' has been mastered and submitted for the 'Raise the Bar' Compilation (to be released March-ish). Strawberry Fist Cake also booked to play the launch tour for the compilation. Hooray!

Quick back list of news to date…

First rehearsal late October, then recorded the playbacks for 'Cheese' and 'Pirate Song?' early November. Late November Strawberry Fist Cake (along with an awesome group of punks) featured in 'Sado' an independent film, to be released late 2011. December 'Pirate Song?' was recorded.


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